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December 28, 2014

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Say It in Code

Our exciting new range of Coded Blessings glass bead bracelets have just launched. They are a blend of symbolic ideas harmoniously joined together in beaded matrimony. The bracelets are based on the symbolism of Mediterranean wedding favours called Bomboniere often seen at Mediterannean and Middle Eastern weddings. Guests are gifted small pouches containing 5 sugared almonds or chocolate dragee’s which signify 5 wishes for the bride and groom: Love, health, wealth, happiness and loyalty.

Each of these blessings is expressed in morse code form on our bracelets, handmade using our highest quality Czech pressed glass beads in the relevant colours used to signify each word in both our pastel and bright versions. Colours hold significance for people around the world. They hold meaning in religion and various cultures as well as influencing emotion. We also have a monochrome version for those who want to stay more under the radar.

December 25, 2014

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Welcome to our brand new all singing all dancing fully responsive website filled with fun and fabulous jewellery collections for women and men so there is something for everyone, and our range of beautifully hand crafted jewellery cases. We hope you like it and enjoy browsing and shopping!
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